How Often Should I Get Therapy?

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How Often Should I Get Therapy?

Benefits of getting a therapy are plenty. But getting one regularly is definitely a game-changer. Recent researches in advanced science have shown that regular massaging alleviates body pains, promotes relaxation to the mind and body, improves posture and mood in individuals.

So, the frequency of getting a therapy from body to body spa in muscat depends on how much your body needs it. The need for relaxation varies from person to person. Some may feel relaxed with just 30 minutes of full body treatment weekly, whereas others may need two to three sessions of hourly therapy to see changes.


You can get a signature Al Khuwair therapy once in six months to reap its benefits, but your body goes through a lot more stressful activities before you get another one. Our clients at Diamond Spa, Muscat have shown significant improvement with only three months of routine visits to our expert therapists.

Massaging promotes active movement of deep skin tissues - Your skin exists in layers and has a beautiful but complex structure. The outermost layer is called epidermis which is thin and delicate in texture. Below the epidermis is the dermis, and it is the thickest layer. Then comes hypodermis, which is the bottom or the fatty layer. Each layer needs stimulation for smooth blood flow and carrying of nutrients throughout the body. A good therapy moves all three layers of skin gently and makes it easy for the body to function.

Reduced levels of anxiety and stress - Our client base includes many professional from leading industries who are often under a lot of work pressure, having to meet deadlines, frequent traveling causing them to be jet-lagged and so on. They come to us, looking to find relaxation and to escape from the rat-race. Our Thai therapy, four hand therapy, and Moroccan Bath in Muscat are their go-to choices at the end of the week to unwind and recharge.

Better pain management - Back pain, shoulder and neck pain are very common among individuals who follow a nine-to-five work lifestyle. It is also common among women during and after their maternity phase. Three months of regular massaging have helped these clients to improve their posture and in being able to manage back pain with proper rest.

Improved sleeping patterns - Clients who are under work-related stress find it hard to fall asleep or in staying asleep throughout the night. With regular spa trreatments such as Moroccan therapy in Muscat, four hand therapy and Thai therapy, our therpaists has helped them in calming their nervous system and thus helping the body to rest and heal.


Improves conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic body pain - Some of our clients experience a condition called fibromyalgia, in which they suffer from chronic pain and tenderness throughout the body and disturbed sleeping patterns. Thai therapy help this condition by alleviating pain in the muscles and improving blood flow throughout the body.

Improved focus in ADHD - ADHD can be an overwhelming condition and stop individuals from chasing their dreams. It affects their performance level at work by making them highly stimulated in their work atmosphere. Anxiety and short span of attention is common and this can be a debilitating experience. Full body oil Therapy combined with the best Moroccan bath in Muscat have helped our ADHD clients to manage panic attacks and anxiety levels to a great extent.

Increased self-confidence and mood - Regular massaging brings our clients back for more as it helps all of them to indulge in self-care. Self-care is the first step in becoming confident. This is because prioritizing yourself is an act of keeping the promises you make to yourself. By practicing this trait, many of our clients have reported that our therapy are a mood-booster and prefer getting one bi-weekly.


Recurring phases of improvement with diabetes and obesity - 12 months of regular therapy at our Spa in Muscat, have helped people with type 2 diabetes in finding reduces blood glucose levels, sometimes closer to normal blood glucose levels. It has helped individuals to manage stress-eating habits and therefore, able to maintain and even reduce their weight.

Lower blood pressure levels - High blood pressure is common in people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. This risks chances of having strokes and other major health concerns. Getting regular Therapy can keep your blood pressure in check by calming your nervous system. Visit our Therapy center in Muscat for lasting results.

Improved immunity and healthy skin - Combine regular exercising and massaging, and you can improve blood flow to an impressive level and thereby improve your immunity. Better blood flow also significantly improves skin health by increasing elasticity and boosting collagen turnover.


  • Vladmiri Posted January 15, 2023 11:22 am

    I often preferred native therapy as I am Russian. But Diamond spa had my opinions changed in just one session. Their Thai massage in Muscat is the best. You should definitely give a try!

    • Martha Stewart Posted January 30, 2023 16:12 pm

      Just what I needed, thanks you!

  • Selena Posted February 07, 2023 20:24 pm

    I had severe dry skin and my doctor suggested getting a therapy weekly. And my therapist at Diamond spa really understood my requirements and now my skin is glowing. Thanks to their full body therapy and Moroccan baths!

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