Moroccan Hammam

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Moroccan Hammam Bath in Muscat

Hammam is a traditional practice that originated in the Roman empire more than 2000 years ago. Greeks and Arabs were among the majority of the population to adopt this to their culture. They have service providers who give exclusive spaces with well-built bathhouses where families and friends gather once or twice a month. Hammam baths are their go-to choice for relaxation and recreation.

But today, the practice has become popular and is known to most cultures. Moroccan therapy in Muscat are popular and commonly chosen by tourists, professionals, and business personnel and as a recreational activity for women.


At Diamond Spa, you can receive the best Moroccan bath in Muscat. Our therapists hold ten+ years of experience in the field and are demanded by our regular clients to achieve consistent results with detoxification and skin-cleanse.

First, you will receive a quick shower to cleanse your skin. Then you will be asked to spend time in a steam room, where the therapist will apply a black soap on your skin. You will be requested to stay seated in the steam room for ten to fifteen minutes until the pores of your skin are entirely open. At this moment, the soap starts working magic by penetrating deep into the skin layers and breaking down the accumulated toxins. It softens the skin to make it easy to clear out toxins.

After fifteen minutes, the therapist will use a special hand mitt to scrub the surface of your skin. This process deeply cleanses your lymph nodes and clears out dirt and debris. Dead skin cells will also be removed during the scrubbing. After scrubbing, you will be washed with warm water.

Following this, the therapist will apply a cream to retain moisture in the skin. The therapist will ensure that the cream is absorbed well by massaging the cream all over your body. You can find our services by simply searching ‘Moroccan bath near me’ on your phone or laptop and book an appointment right away.


With the results we see among our clients who regularly undergo Moroccan baths, the benefits are plenty. But here are a few prominent ones for your information:

  • It helps to detoxify your skin - As the largest organ in your body, your skin tends to hold on to toxins more than others. Moroccan bath in Muscat is an effective way to cleanse the skin deeply and revitalize it.
  • It makes skin appear smooth and soft - Cleansed skin appears softer and smoother as it is healthy and more elastic than skin with clogged pores.
  • Reduces blemishes and pigmentation - Constant exposure to sun’s rays causes UV damage and results in scars and pigmented skin cells. Hammams help remove dead skin cells, thus clearing blemishes and preventing pigmentation.
  • It relieves muscle fatigue - Your muscles relax and loosen up during the steam bath and refresh it. Relaxation reduces fatigue and rejuvenates the muscle tissues.
  • It helps in pain management - Relaxing is detrimental to physical and mental health. Moroccan baths help relax your body and mind by calming the nervous system.
  • It improves immunity - Increased blood flow ensures the effective distribution of nutrients throughout the body. Hammams are the easiest way to pump your blood flow without stressing the body.
  • Visit us to experience the best Moroccan therapy in Muscat. We have prepared special offers and discounts exclusively for you to celebrate the holidays.

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